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About Us

Null Sec born and bred

Running with Dogs was born and forged in null sec, a decade ago, by a group of players from Nexus Fleet one of the original members of the N3 Coalition.

Our roots lie in the relentless battles and strategic plays that define life in null sec. From the very beginning, we specialized in recruiting new to EVE players, fostering a culture of learning and development that remains at our core today.

Running with Dogs has always punched above its weight and we know how to have fun at the same time.

Despite our dedication to the game, we recognize the importance of real-life commitments. Many of our members now balance their EVE adventures with family responsibilities, including children. We maintain a community Discord server where we hang out, build friendships, and stay connected with the latest happenings in the game. This relaxed and supportive environment ensures that our members can enjoy EVE without sacrificing their real-life priorities.

A member of Triumvirate. one of the oldest and most accomplished independent Alliances in Eve

At Running with Dogs, we strive to be the best PvP corporation we can be while still having fun. Our leadership is actively engaged in finding new and interesting content for our members, ensuring that there’s always something exciting to do. Whether you’re looking for intense PvP action, a supportive community, or a place to grow and learn, Running with Dogs offers it all.

Experienced and Committed: With over a decade of experience, we're seasoned PvP enthusiasts who know how to bite back.

What we offer

With over a decade of experience, our leadership is dedicated to providing engaging content and continuous learning opportunities.

We prioritize a supportive, friendly environment. Our Discord server is a hub for both in-game coordination and social interaction.

You will join a friendly, helpful environment focused on collaboration.

Both practical help and advice is available on our community discord both in game and out.

We don’t passively sit around waiting for others to make the first move. Black ops hunting, third party fights, roams, gate camps–we stay busy having fun. 

With few blues we live in a target rich environment!

Running with Dogs discord community gives a sense of connection and belonging.  We use it in game and out as a keystone to building a strong involved community.

Additional benefits

all the content

Access to everything

Whatever you like doing in Eve or want to explore is available around our PvP activities

pilot development

PVP training

We encourage our pilots to continue to learn and grow their skills, learn from mistakes, and seek out new challenges and fun.

keep you flying

Full SRP

Alliance and Corp level SRP to keep you flying. Buy once and never have to buy your PVP ship again

Flying caps

Capital ship programme

Elevate your gameplay with access to subsidised caps - a dread in every hangar!

Why choose us

We are dedicated to building a community of Eve players and providing a friendly, helpful, fun environment

High Standards

We play for fun but we take our fun seriously. Real life always comes first but when we play we play to win.

Cooperative Spirit

Building not just a community but a team to work together to build our Corp and help each other grown

Thriving null sec life

We live in Wicked Creek and have upgraded sov and plenty of isk making opportunties

Looking forward to Equinox!

We encourage our pilots to enjoy their gameplay including diving into all the new content available