Welcome, we are building a community of eve friends, come join us

Eve Online Running with Dogs

About Us

We are a null sec PVP Corp with a strong industry back bone.

Our high sec training Corp is perfect for new/returnig pilots preparing for null sec.

Proudly affiliated with Northern Coalition.  Part of the PanFam Coalition and residing in Angel pace with top-notch null sec infrastructure.

two Corporatoins one community

What we offer

We began life as a new bro training and development Corp. And before we took our break we were running a PVP Alliance with sov across three regions.

Eve is a social game, New Eden is shaped by people not spaceships. 

You will join a friendly, helpful environment focused on collaboration.

Both practical help and advice is available on our community discord both in game and out.

From small gangs to Coalition-sized fleets.  BLOPS  & CAPS. 

Running with Dogs discord community gives a sense of connection and belonging.  We use it in game and out as a keystone to building a strong involved community.

Additional benefits

all the content

Access to everything

Whatever you like doing in Eve or want to explore is available as long as you also enjoy PVP

pilot development

PVP training

Comprehensive PVP training and development for both seasoned vets and newbros. Clear progression track for new/returning and vet's

keep you flying

Full SRP

Coalition, Alliance and Corp level SRP to keep you flying. Buy once and never have to buy your PVP ship again

Flying caps

Capital ship programme

Elevate your gameplay with access to our cap pilot & ship development including discouted ships

Why choose us

We are dedicated to building a community of Eve players and providing a friendly, helpful, fun environment

High Standards

We play for fun but we take our fun seriously. Real life always comes first but when we play we play to win.

Cooperative Spirit

Building not just a community but a team to work together to build our Corp and help each other grown

Thriving null sec life

We live in Angel space as partners of NC. which means we have excellent infrastrcture to support our Isk making and all PVE activities

Looking forward to Vanguard & already enjoying Havoc

We encourage our pilots to enjoy their gameplay including diving into all the new content available